Jimmie Smith is an extremely gifted artist pushing the envelope of possibilities through distinct musical innovation.  He possesses a hybrid approach to his music that remains authentic to his overall vision of a self-motivated prodigy navigating through the epitomes of the ever-changing music industry.  The unprecedented polygonal skill sets of this artist are not to be discounted as they fortify a trailblazing approach towards production that is revolutionizing the industry itself while providing different avenues of amalgamation.  Smith’s perfectionist attitude towards his music resonates a relentless pursuit towards bettering himself as a musician while enlightening current and aspiring musical audiences. His obsession with sound is a constant asset inside all of his compositions that transposes through the studio monitors into the listener’s consciousness. This cognizant music provides an echo chamber of top notch R&B grooves that is leading edge in the genre. The fluidity of Smith’s songs act as an improvisational piece of work that provides consistent substance to the overall creative process and a sense naturalness. There is an element of genuineness that is embedded within Jimmie Smith’s sound waves that resonates throughout each song and is apparent through his endless dedication. An inherent passion and drive to create timeless music is clearly an important facet that Smith strives for to coalesce music heads across the spectrum. Smith represents the independent wave of musicians changing the history of music veering towards true talent that cannot be manufactured or reproduced by inferior subsets.  His courage to move against the tide towards endless potentials sets his mission apart from others. Dive into the creative mind of Jimmie Smith and experience music through a different set of eyes. 

Notable Achievements:

100,000+ visits on with 50,000 plus streams of the new EP 'Circles'.

over 900,000 streams of the single 'forty-three' on

Airplay of the single "Fort-Three" on KJAG Radio

Airplay of the single "Forty-Three" on 104.7 Kiss Radio

Played the September Seafood festival in Gulfport, FL With over 3,000 Attendants in 2016

1,000+ Monthly listeners on Spotify