by Jimmie Smith

Etta Rose Records
Etta Rose Records
An original Hip-Hop/ R&B EP Album Written by Jimmie Smith, An artist out of Tampa, FL.
The multifaceted instrument selection adds dazzling boldness to the compositions countering the more subtle nuances of each track. J.S. is a lyrical wordsmith that utilizes alliteration, gaudy descriptions and hefty rap bars in his music. The impeccable songwriting execution accompanied by ambient sounds and dazzling synths surfaces amazingly variable musical juxtaposes for the listener. The word to describe Smith’s renowned production techniques would be refreshing, as it grasps his authentic sound with confidence and conviction. There are far too many musicians in the industry with a copy/paste mentality to their music and do not possess enough versatility to differentiate their marquee. I loved the analog warmth of the album; it brings out colored characteristics where saturators were prevalent from tape distortion. You can tell that Jimmie Smith puts in an extraordinary amount of work, not only in the studio, but on an engineering aspect as well. The instrumentals are very clear and the lyrics really cut through the mixes, which is uncommon of contemporary independent artists with fewer connections to professional equipment and competent sound engineers. Most indy artists just want to push any song out no matter what the quality; you have to respect a group of conductors who put that much time and dedication into their artwork. The panning, effects, reverbs, and delays create an especially exciting experience for the listener. I would recommend listening to it with headphones to take in the minute details that highly distinguish the personality of Smith’s songs. I am really excited to see this artist blossom and it seems as though he has found his true north in the music industry. Jimmie Smith’s new EP– in stores on now if you want to hear great, conscious music that is leading this genre in the right direction!